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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you are planning to renovate your home then start it right from choosing a smart kitchen countertop, don’t forget that functionality is equally important for the countertops of your bathroom. However the good thing here is that news is that for bathroom countertops a wide scope of alternatives are available for you. Because generally kitchens are the custom-made ones, there is lots of style and design options wide open as per your personal taste.

You cannot show same attitude for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The kitchen countertops should be more functional as lots of work is to be done in a kitchen and it differs from person to person. So it should be designed with a little bit of intelligence not only fashion is enough for it. Nevertheless cultured marble, is a great option for the bathroom interior, however for a kitchen it wouldn’t be a good choice as the durability for kitchen is much less.

In fact to be more practical the bathroom countertops should be designed in the manner which will provide workspace. Choosing stainless-steel countertops are subject to low maintenance as well as add good look for a contemporary bath. The use of glass can be a fashionable and striking option, but it is difficult to maintain a glass countertop as a higher level of cleanliness is required to keep it free of fingerprints. Apart from that this alternative is however a costly arrangement.

Granite has long been a preferred material for all groups of people for their kitchen. It has the great excellent feature of durability as well as stylish look. It is progressively more being painstaking the appropriate standard for kitchen interior as it is what home buyers desire for their kitchen. So if you are making renovation, be careful and think of the long-term use of the kitchen countertops. While remodeling does not get biased by the outer beauty, fashion and style only. Always thing of the functionality of your kitchen while choosing the correct granite for your countertops.

Quartz countertops consist of crushed quartz combined with resin in a perfect proportion of a ratio of 93% quartz to 7% resin. They are produced in a wide assortment of different patterns as well as colors.

The granite countertops are mined directly from the crust of the earth like a single chunk. So these come out in natural stone in large blocks and all of them differ from each other as it is a natural thing not the man made ones. Later the great chunks are cut into small pieces as per the requirement of the individual slabs. Granite is accessible in a wide range of variety of colors to coordinate with the look and interior of your whole house.

Both the granite and quartz have its own benefits and drawbacks. So considering all the factors into mind one can choose whether to go with granite or quartz matching it with your budget.

  1. Quartz is blessed with non-porous and for that reason it won’t need any sealing. Less effort is require for the maintenance of this type of countertops.
  2. No doubt Quartz is the material with high strength such as granite while having the added advantage of being extra flexible. Thus the installation of a Quartz countertop is much easy.
  3. Quartz countertop is also very durable in regular use but is not of indestructible in nature. That means it can easily catch the stain and dirt. For example a dropping of a glass of wine on the countertop need a quick clean up.
  4. If exposed to direct sunlight the Quartz countertop has a greater chance of discolor over the time. You can notice that the part which is open to the UV ray will get faded soon as compared to the other parts of the same countertop.
  5. The quartz countertops require professional hand for its proper installation and it is even heavier than a countertop of granite.

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