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Granite Countertops in the Bathroom

If you are thinking to design your bathroom with the touch of granite countertops everywhere, then first of all you need to acquaint with the real benefits of granite countertops. You need to know the reasons why it makes getting granite countertops so great. As we all know Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, which can be easily found in a lot of different types of colors starting from dark granite to light granite colors. However, it is a very strong and hard rock available all over the Earth, in numerous different countries and places. Of course Granite comes deep from the Earth, while mined from the ground all over the Earth at granite quarries. Once after it is mined, the rock is then sliced up into granite slabs, it is then polished for one side, and designed to cut them to fit your countertops. However people now gradually like to use granite in their bathroom and kitchen area. Granites are widely used in residential applications in recent years. In a study conducted by Mr. Harris in the year of 2012 Interactive on behalf of some marble institute, came to know that more than 75 percent of homeowners be going to remodel their bathroom and kitchen in the subsequently two years signified that they want granite countertops. The main advantages of having granite in bathroom are as follows:

  • It is Durable
  • It is Unique
  • It is Affordable


For the residential purposes Granite Countertops are proved to be the best ones. It is one of the best sorts of countertops for any kind of home. Your granite countertops will not be affected by the abuse from children, high temperature or other rudiments found in the kitchen or bathroom. It is easy to clean and maintain as it need much less effort to clean Granite Countertops. Thus Granite is a tough, durable substance that has already survived lots of the elements on earth today. You cannot burn or scratch granite as well.


Of course, Granite Countertops add value to the home decor. It can easily update and modernize the look of any home. It is available in a wide range of variety. Each of them is unlike the next slab. The color of the slab varies with the pattern and veining. Still we can make your own choice for your granite countertops to be unique for your home, to match with your home decor while being the envy of your guests.


The time was gone when granite countertops for bathroom and kitchen were cost many thousand dollars. Now with the increased demand and supply for the same you can get it in your budget. Now a days the average granite countertops costs approximately or under $2000. You can place your order directly to the manufacturers to minimize the cost as it cuts out any middle man and subcontractor, which may result in getting you the most discounts on your granite countertops. Apart from this some more convincing arguments are there to prove the point that granite countertops are good to use.

  1. A Granite countertop is affordable.
  2. Almost all the granite stone is unique and vary in design.
  3. Of course Granite counter tops are elegant and decent.
  4. It can go with any home decor.
  5. You cannot mimic the true beauty of granite.
  6. Appearance of your stone remains changing for the whole day as and when the sunlight dances off on the small crystals of the granite.
  7. You will get thousands of color choices options.

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