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Marble Counter Tops

Most of the frequently asked question by our customers revolve around granite marble installation or marble granite care. People want to know more about Marble countertops pros and cons. Two of the most important places in a home include Bathroom and kitchen. Thus choosing the right countertop material can be a critical decision during construction or renovation. If our customers have a marble bathroom countertop or kitchen marble countertop concept, we can manufacture it and turn their dream into reality. Marble Countertops cost is low compared to granite and quartz countertops. Marble is known for its natural and beautiful finish which paired along with low marble countertops prices makes it one of the top choices for Kitchens and bathroom countertops and vanities. However, as it is porous it needs to be properly sealed to avoid any water damage over time. It is susceptible to scratches, this being one of the disadvantages of having it as kitchen countertop surface. Marble countertops cleaning may not be as perfect as quartz or granite countertop, but it is still good to place hot items on it. If more attention is paid to marble countertops care, it can be a cost effective choice that can last over long period of time. When making a decision on marble vs granite countertops, it is a tricky one but it ultimately is customers’ decision based on their preferences and budgets. At Astral Granite, we are countertop specialists who know how to get the job done efficiently and with expertise and finesse.